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Category: Literature | Country: USA
rock, hiphop/lyrics, poetry, art, philosophy, american and international culture....

Category: Literature | Country: United Kingdom
Explicit sex, unjustified violence, supernatural sleaze and ATARI video games: Benway Bunnies - maki...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
True Confessions of an Ex-Human is the tale of a journey. A journey of self-discovery, and self- ...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
Ramblings of novelist Paul A. Toth....

Category: Literature | Country: Philippines
Be a worldchanger!...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, funny quotes, famous quotes...

Category: Literature | Country: Poland
Szukasz wydawcy - Mały nakład? Niski budżet? Wysoka jakość? - Zamów eBook! ...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
Inspirational famous quotations by authors in the fields of business, literature, and motivation....

Category: Literature | Country: France
Fantasy, futuristic, science-fiction novels and scripts...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
I am widely published in paper and Internet venues. Obiter Dicta posts announcements and links, ess...

Category: Literature | Country: United Kingdom
The online journal of speculative fiction writer, Shaun Jeffrey. Shaun is the author of numerous sho...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
An Englishman in America writes on cultural differences between the States and England. Also creati...

Category: Literature | Country: Poland
Strona poswiecona angielskim pisarzom...

Category: Literature | Country: Poland
Prawdopodobnie najlepsza strona z ebookami w polskim Internecie! Książki, kursy, poradniki...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
Rants and musings of a soon-to-be-published author. Getting published is like being in an airplane~...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
Inspirational Quotes - Motivational Quotes - Funny Quotes - Famous Quotes - Quotes to Live By...

Category: Literature | Country: Spain
Collection of streams of consciousness, poetic prose and short stories....

Category: Literature | Country: USA
A blog by award-winning indie journalist, ghostwriter/speechwriter, marketing communications strat...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
A collection of snarky literary criticism, comments, and fiction. Where else can you find Jean Baudr...

Category: Literature | Country: USA
Thoughts about writing a novel from someone who's written three, had one published by a traditional ...

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