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Category: Poetry | Country: Poland
Publikacje literackie: poezja, haiku, krytyka oraz informacje o konkursach i wydarzeniach kulturalny...

Category: Poetry | Country: Russia
A lyrical tryst with an alternative life: A Gob's eye view of verse and poetry in everyday express...

Category: Poetry | Country: Portugal
Aqui fala-se de vida, amor, morte, poesia, política, futebol, solidão, paz, humor, musica...tudo e n...

Category: Poetry | Country: India
A collection of poetry by Shazar...

Category: Poetry | Country: United Kingdom
A blogsite dedicated to my own personal writing; be that poetry, short stories, book/ music/film rev...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
poetry personal essays quirky comments on everything photos and humor and insight into the internet ...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
Chronological collection of my dark (self-loathing) poetry and sad (derranged) art....

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
Poetry, esoteric epoem/essay thingies,occaisional ramblings about birds and stuff...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
A discussion and appreciation of poetry for those who don't think it's a competitive sport. In toda...

Category: Poetry | Country: United Kingdom
Original poetry by Sebastian Astill. Inspired by love, loss, hate and hurt....

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
The songs of my life. And other random thoughts. Biotry is mostly a collection of poems that I hav...

Category: Poetry | Country: Canada
A Canadian thirty-something waxes poetic...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
Devotional Thoughts, Personal Essays, Inspirational Writings by Nanci Stoeffler....

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
Read the best love poems submited to our poetry contest. Or submit your oen poem for a chance to win...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
The songs of my life. And other random thoughts. Biotry is a collection of poems I have written base...

Category: Poetry | Country: India
This blog will be a forum for poems, that don't fit in the typical mould, that won't be published, w...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
Dark poetry written by Lauren, your dark poetic princess...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
Find your favorite poem in the database located at the-poetry.com...

Category: Poetry | Country: USA
The Blog of Potawatomi Author Larry Mitchell...

Category: Poetry | Country: Canada
My personal thoughts. My personal poetry. Other songwriters/poets are encouraged to comment....

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